4 Rules To Transform A Long Distance Love On The Internet Into A Normal Relationship

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Let’s suppose that you are meeting someone online

and that person seem to be the match of your life,

but is living far away from you. Does it worth

to spend your time in a long distance

relationship with this person?

What if this person is really your soul mate?….

You may be surprised how much a relationship can

grow if you work at it. If you know and apply

some simple rules, your relationship can turn out

to be one of the most successful and happy

relationships that ever existed.

Distance, combined with phone calls and writing,

electronically or through regular mail, can

foster an enviable intimacy which results from

learning about another’s qualities, values and

ways of thinking, sensitivities, dreams, and

aspirations. This type of intimacy can make your

coming together much more special.

And, as if relationships weren’t complicated

enough, having them across a long distance is

extremely challenging. Just read the following

rules and try to keep them in mind and apply them:

1. The quality of a relationship is more likely

to increase if both people develop the ability to

share feelings openly with each other. Do not be

afraid to tell your partner what you really need

and want from him or her, he or she deserves to

know the truth and judge whether they can give it

to you.

2. Make the relationship a high priority. Avoid

canceling reunions or putting off a phone call.

3. Keep in touch daily. If large phone bills are

a concern, send e-mail, letters, cards and even

faxes. And when you do make contact, don’t just

stick to love talk, but keep each other informed

on the day-to-day aspects of your lives. This way

each of you is aware of how the other is thinking,

feeling and developing. Late-night talks and

thoughtful letters can convey a lot of what is

most important in the long-term: your goals,

values and dreams.

4. Be prepared to be flexible. Tell your partner

of how much you think about and love him or her

and you will score some important points. Making

them miss you more and you’ll fill them with the

constant urge to see you. But don’t be possessive.

Being paranoid and accusing will only grow

doubts, insecurity and tension between you and

none of those will help the relationship develop


If your partner truly wants to be with you, then

they would not want to wait forever to have you

next to her or him. As long as you both trust

each other, inform one another of your personal

lives, keep in touch, your relationship can turn

out into a happy normal relationship.

Ultimately, a fabulous relationship is your goal –


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