Why An Online Partner Could Be The Best Choice For Marriage


Selecting a mate should be the most crucial decision of our lives. But if it happens to fell

in love we all are forgetting about any decision.

We are like hypnotized, and even if our friends, family and even our ration is telling us that the

person we love is not a good choice for us, we don’t give any importance to this.

All what you know when you are deeply in love with someone is that you want her/him to be with

you, as closer as it could be, and as longer as it could be. What is the answer to these

expectations? You already know it: MARRIAGE!

What happen after the marriage? In honeymoon all things go great: the hotel room is clean, the

food at the restaurant is great and even if it isn’t, it is nobody faults. Am I right?

But after this period you two had a lot of time together, things are starting to change. You

start to see that your husband/wife doesn’t use a very elevate vocabulary, maybe she/he is

not very interested in making a career like you supposed to, and eventually he/she has not

to many qualities that you have expected in your life partner.

You wake up from that state of hypnosis, you are starting to panic and argues are starting

to be more and more frequent. It takes a good amount of time since you can accept that you have

made a mistake. What’s next? Divorce I suppose.


What I mean to tell is that romantic love is a poor basis for a marriage. In a long relationship,

romance, sex and passion are pretty different to how they are in the initial states.

We should spend a huge amount of time and energy trying to find that special someone. We should

know closer someone before falling in love, and ONLINE DATING is giving us this possibility.

By talking online we are protected of falling in love too deeply because the real chemistry can

happen only when we are meeting someone face to face, when we can see his/her smile, when we can

touch his/her skin, when we can feel his/her smell.

In these conditions we are not missing the “decision” part, that moment when we are following

our ration not our instincts. I am not saying that we should not follow our intuition or

instincts but we never forget completely about our ration. Ration is what makes a difference

between human beings and animals.

Animals are making choices too by following their instincts only, but they are not having any bills

to pay and neither have to find a subject to discus about while are taking the dinner.

So protect yourself from falling in love with an inappropriate person, take the time to browse

some online profiles and you will see how many opportunities you have. There are thousands of

singles and some of them have those qualities you expect your future life partner to have. Just

find your perfect match!



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